The LEA23 sim is open while it’s being developed to allow others to see and blog on the development.  It’s a work in progress…with much still to be done and Joey Aboma is always looking for ideas to spur greater creativity.  Here are some of the key places to see on the LEA23 sim (slurl):

  • A = THE TINKER’S PLACE: This is where you first arrive on the sim as you start to learn the story of the Tinker’s accidental time travel from a Steampunk age (that never was) to a future (that might one day be) in the year 2525.  Much has changed…while other things still look quite familiar to this time traveling anamorphic tinker.
  • B = TWINES HOSTEL: Inspired by the Westin Hotel in my RL location, this is the place to go for social activity with a pub, restaurant, dance hall, and something hidden.  The proprietor is Wabbit, who is know for working on secret things.  He’s quite the scoundrel and rumors are afoot that he may be the infamous Mr. Hamilton who is the killer of the cogs (i.e. gears).  And not having gears has effects on things.
  • C = COG GRAVEYARD & WAREHOUSE: This is an abandoned factory/warehouse and cogs have been put to rest out back.  It’s a bit of a statement about the ill effects on mankind from economic depression and digital technology.  The character Copperpunk has also been seen at times wandering the old factory and rumors say he may be trying to bring back the cogs from the dead.  oooo….how Mary Shelley of him!
  • D = STEAMBRARY: This is the library of Steam Center, which has become more of place of historic items than for reading these days.  Monkeno is the librarian and watches over the books as if they were her own children (which by the way she’s never had as she keeps to herself and her magic).  Take care where you touch in the library as one thing may take you UP while another takes you DOWN depending upon the path you chose.
  • E = ACADEMY OF INDUSTRY (Ai): This is inspired by the Art Institute of Virginia Beach and is a school where Vicki (the heroine of the story) has settled down to become dean after traveling the world for many years in her dirigible.   Ai includes the Dean’s Office, History Classroom, Art Gallery, and something special on the roof (just be careful what you pull and where you sit).  The art in the gallery is some of the real life black and white art or David Fliesen (SL: Joey Aboma).
  • F = CANDY SHOPP & RAY’S PIZZA: A place of sweet confections where the lady Trigger has setup shop after the dance hall was closed down due to the failing economy and changes in government regulations.  She is often seen on the street checking her social status on a stool with a steamputer between her knees (not very ladylike if you ask me)…but social is everything to this gal.
  • G = APARTMENTS: There are seedy apartments nearby, but no one is really sure if Trigger lives in them or on the corner…as she is a street urchin.  This is a bit of a statement on the homeless and the possible fate of many…if times do not change us from that course.
  • H = STEAM CENTER & PLAZA: Inspired by Town Center of Virginia Beach, this area is under development along with an attached plaza and the Darnels (which is losely inspired by the Sandler Center of the performing arts). This is being developed from Google Earth and Google Warehouse 3D models to make a Steampunkafied version.
  • I = DARNELS CENTRE: This place for the upper class to discover their creative sides.  While Trigger would love to see such shows, she could never afford the entry price here.  A bit of a statement on the social classes and how we the poor and the rich will reside side-by-side in some instances.
  • J = CHESS HIGHER HAT: This is a playful area with Stomper to show off the wonders of imagination and 3D Steampunk creations.  He’s quite the builder and explorer (with his avatar inspired by Nix Sands), who loves to build machines to travel to new worlds and explore strange things.  The Steampunk Robot Chess pieces are the work of  Joe’s Makerbot (link), which can be printed out using a 3D printer (in case you would like to have a real life version).
  • K = FLUX VORTEX: This is
  • L = WATERSIDE: Inspired a bit by the naval town of Norfolk, this is a playful area with piers and pirates and where Grog comes in a machine.  The Kraken has been spotted at times in the water so take care on your journey.
  • M = SANDS OF TIME: This is a sandbox area on the sim to allow for building your own Steampunk Creations.  We hope to have tutorials setup on the back of the island and a sky platform above to allow an open build area.  Currently looking for people that would be interested in volunteering to teach others how to make Steampunk creations for the opening day of NOV 16th and NOV 23rd.  Send an instant message to Joey Aboma in SL if you would like to volunteer.  And yes our sandbox does have a skeleton inside a volcano….doesn’t every sandbox include one?  LOL  Look for a message from the skeleton soon on the fate of mankind.

AREAS NOT PICTURED ON MAP (find them on your own):

  • UNDERWORLD: It is just a rumor (and far be it from me to spread such things)….but I heard that Copperpunk has a hidden area beneath Steam Center where he is working on something in secret.  Only time will tell what is happening below the city.
  • UNDERSEA: Best to seek a way down by posing in the right spot (hint hint) in the Steambrary to enter a place where you experience the effects mankind has played upon Mother Nature.  What will the oceans be like in the future and what kind of creatures might we find as a result of mankind’s environmental recklessness in these places of wonder.  In the year 2525, will Mother Nature still be alive?
  • STEAM HAVEN: Look up to the heavens to find the entrance from the place where books of magic are about.  This provides insights into what is Steampunk, how the phrase was coined in the 1980s, influences of virtual worlds on Steampunk, and a bit on Steampunk Music and the Steampunk Musical for “Tinker and the Steampunkables” which will be performed by Theater Dramatique (link) on Nov. 16th and 23rd.  We also plan to have instant rezzers for three types of dirigibles to allow you to explore a space heaven for Steampunkables.

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