Search for the 7 treasure chests


Explore the LEA23 sim and chat with the characters (shown above) and cogs (aka gears) to find over 50 great prizes as you discover the 7 Steampunkables chests:

  • Steampunk Computer
  • HoboNet Computer
  • Mad Scientist Lab Tesla Transformer
  • Mad Scientist Lab brains specimen case
  • Captain Nemo’s Pipe Organ
  • Pirate Furniture Tea Table n 4 chairs
  • Pirate Furniture Fireplace
  • Victorian Cast Iron Stove
  • Steampunk Tesla Transformer-A
  • Gears of Pie Steampunk Pizza
  • Steampunk Building Mesh
  • Urban steampunk building
  • Prefabrica Gears: Package of 15 sculpted gears with sculptmaps and shadow map
  • Grunge Stool/Table
  • Grungey Rug
  • Howl’s Moving Castle (30 prims version)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle FULL Scale
  • Howl’s Moving Castle Blueprints
  • Steampunk Knight
  • Steampunk Rook
  • Steampunk Pawn
  • Give gears a chance graffiti
  • End COG profiling graffiti
  • Coexist graffiti
  • Victorian Magic Lantern Show
  • Kraken’s Lair Loveseat
  • Kraken”s Lair Cocktail Table
  • Kraken’s Lair Chair
  • Kraken’s Lair Chaise
  • Mad Scientist Lab tool workbench
  • Whirlepool 34 prims
  • Nemo’s world Rezzer
  • Napoleon Blownapart shop
  • Nautilus mini sub
  • USS Ardo Ironclad SPD with 25 HP and auto cannon
  • The Golden Hind Pirate Ship
  • SPD Cannon
  • Pirate Ship Furnature Seahorse figurehead
  • Pirate Ship Furnature Mermaid figurehead
  • KRAKEN [Combat 25 HP]
  • Baby Kraken (In Tank)
  • Abyss, Angler Fish NPV
  • Manta Ray
  • Sunken shrimping Boat
  • Pirate Sea Mine
  • Drunken Pirate
  • Abyss, Whale skeleton
  • Sunken stone walkway
  • Space Pirate Ship!(Pirate Bay Ver)
  • Steampunk Space Pirate Ship!
  • Space Pirate Ship!(ARrrrrrrr!)
  • Galaco Service station (Galactic Trade Union)
  • Pirate Shark Ship (Galactic Trade Union)
  • Buck Roger’s SpaceShip
  • Honest Zorgs Used Spaheships (Galactic Trade Union)
  • Asteroid 01
  • Asteroid 04
  • 100×100 wormhole
  • Space Sim Cube 256x256x256

NOTE: Resident artist David Fliesen (SL: Joey Aboma) is also giving out copies of his real life Black & White artwork on the 2nd floor of the Academy of Illumination.  And there are many fun excursions on the sim with a flyable dirigibles in Steam Haven, an interesting lever over the Academy, and a chess themed Greedy table for all to play on the Chess Higher Hat.  Also be sure to visit Katmelia in the dirigible near the Tinker’s Shoppe to get a special surprise from the Tinker.


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