Much like Disney all began with a mouse, “Tinker and the Steampunkables” all began with my dog Hershey who served as inspiration for this story and sim design.  It began as part of my Drawing for Animation class as I developed a character called the Tinker for a clay model I was building at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach.  The idea of the Steampunkables grew out from there.  So first THANKS go out to the dog behind the story…the original Tinker.


As the storyteller of the Steampunkables, I wove together my own story, characters, and locations for this immersive story, but much of this was due to the help of many people who either provided assistance or were kind enough to provide items for free use in Second Life or OpenSim Creations.  

The Tinker in Color

I don’t claim this to be all my own work, but the elements used to develop this sim were some of my own, items with free use rights, and others that I purchased for this project.  I want to thank the many people that helped with this project, in both development of the sim and musical.  Here is a list of those that I remembered the most, but please forgive if I missed anyone:

  • Aley [link to AleyMart]- she is an incredibly gifted virtual artisan who graciously makes her creations available for free use.
  • Libertybelle Lyric – thanks for the help with creative ideas and shaping of many of the characters as well as design of the Undersea area.
  • Francisco Koolhoven – Thanks for helping with the scripting of the interactive elements (like talking gears and characters) and treasure chests and door scripts.
  • Theater Dramatique [link to site] – special thanks to Aelva and Dante for believing in me and seeing the potential for doing the musical and to all the cast and those behind the scenes of this fabulous musical troupe.
  • Octavian – for help developing the Twines Hostel bar and providing the baby Kraken (in the Steambrary) and Kraken furniture (in the Academy of Illumination).
  • Weebit Offcourse – for the scripting help with the auto rezzer for the dirigible ships in Steam Haven.  That really helped to add a fun element to the sim and story.
  • Chipp Andel – for help with some landscaping and advice.
  • Iso Huet – for advice on weather systems and help adding fog effects.
  • Garry – for providing items on OpenSim Creations [link] for people to use in SL and OpenSim.  The tinker’s goggles (given out by Katmelia on the sim) were a lovely piece of creative work.  Thank you for sharing.
  • Joseph Larson [link] – thanks for the models of the steampunk robot chess pieces (which can be printed using a 3D printer).
  • Beth Ghostraven – for giving me her honest thoughts on the build, recommending people to help, and helping to announce the opening.
  • Unclesamoriginal – for helping with the environmental part of the story to show the effects of mankind’s acts on nature.
  • Unicorn – for the advice on making steam.
  • Madpea Games [link to site] – Thanks for the inspiration from your many hunts and providing kits and classes to share the magic behind your designs.

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