Wabbit-TransparentHe is proprietor of the Twines Hostel and rumored to be Mr. Hamilton (killer of the Cogs).  A rather strange one with something like turrets syndrome from being on the gun range one too many times, he often says rather strange things at random, but with wisdom well beyond his years.  Quite meticulous about his appearance…Wabbit isan aesthete, keen on fashion attire of the Victorian (1837-1901) or Edwardian (1901-1910) eras and fond of a good cigar and glass of brandy.  He can be quite snotty to others, who he judges as having no sense of fashion. He has an attraction to ladies in high-button boots, who dabble as assassins when they aren’t knitting mittens.


Wabbit is mainly based on the “Animal Avatar Bunny” and “Male Steampunk Avatar” which are both part of the Library that everyone is provided in SL as part of your inventory. Added a red carnation and monacle to complete the look, but no pocketwatch (as this is Mr. Hamilton who is killing the cogs). Here is a list of the things he is wearing:

* Animal Avatar Bunny
– animal hand left
– animal hand right
– Blank Hair
– Blank Eyes
– LL Animal Avatar:Rabbit Alpha

– LL Animal Avatar: Rabbit Shape
– LL Animal Avatar: Rabbit Shoes
– LL Animal Avatar: Rabbit Skin
– Rabbit_Head
– Rabbit_Tail

* Male Steampunk Avatar
– Male Steampunk Hat- Male Steampunk Boot Left
– Male Steampunk Boot Right

– Male Steampunk Alpha Layer (wear with shoes!)
– Male Steampunk Cravat
– Male Steampunk Sleeve
– Male Steampunk Socks
– Male Steampunk Top

* Steampunk Monocle FREE from Limey Wingtips
* Red Carnation from To-a-T ~ Free Carnation Boutonniers
* Face light

NOTE: I also added a couple things for typing AOs to make the affect complete for when he’s chatting with people, but these are optional addons:
* MM Holo Keyboard v3.5 (for futuristic typing AO)
* HoboNet Computer (Wear & Type) by Arcadia Asylum




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