Trigger-TransparentTrigger is a rather outlandish gal…as what some would term a street urchin with old and dirtied Victorian clothing. She enjoys being the center of attention and lives life on a whim. Trigger had hopes of being a cabaret dancer till the club was shut down by the government. That put her onto the streets, where she became close friends with Fox Stomper. She can often be seen outside the candy shopp with a steampunk laptop between her knees checking her social networks.


Trigger is made to accentuate her street urchin character as a a powerful character who knows everyone and what they like. She is mainly based on the “Animal Avatar Tiger” which is part of the Library that everyone is provided in SL as part of your inventory. Her shape was modified by creating breasts and buttocks…of course you are welcome to shape as you like or even take a female shape 🙂 Make sure you resize the head and hands plus delete the feet so you can wear boots!!!
* Any boots will do but if you like the ones she is wearing:
designer :)(: Pixel Fashion Spiky Boots Black&Red
* She is wearing Potions Belt II the designer is Ali.
* Top Hat designed by: Dagger Cog Topper
* If you want a fairly decent selection for after the show, try this. Most are about 10L
* DE Designs Korah Vintage Corset
* *Rag Dollz* Gun Belt and Revolver
* Face Light by Joey (just ask he will give to you
*** Just You *** Scarf. Jewelry comes with it. This lovely ensemble was designed by Clyde Avon




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