Stomper-TransparentThis fox has learned much of the hard life on his own…after his parents vanished from Steam Center when he was eight years old. He’s lived on the streets, where he learned from other tinkers. He has grown quite a skill with driving and flying machines, and is often sought after for his talent. He is characterized by his Fox Stomper boots with tools stashed in the sides. He also loves to explore the world in the vehicles he creates and enjoys learning about different people’s cultures, music, and cuisines.


Stomper is mainly based on the “Animal Avatar Fox” and “Male Action Outfit” and “Male Explorer Avatar” which are all part of the Library that everyone is provided in SL as part of your inventory. I added a couple things in memory of Nix Sands (a talented creator of Steampunk who recently passed away from cancer). So he wears one of Nix’s steampunk wastecoats and the famous AeroStompers boots. Here is a full list of the things he is wearing:

* Animal Avatar Fox
– LL Animal Avatar: Fox Shape (male)
– animal hand right
– Fox Tail
– Fox_Head
– LL Animal Avatar: Fox Alpha
– LL Animal Avatar: Fox Skin
– animal hand left
– Blank Eyes

* Male Action Outfit
– Male Action Thigh Dagger (Right)
– Male Action Dogtags
– Male Action Eyebrowshaper
– Male Action Leather Cuff

* Male Explorer Avatar
– Male Explorer Belt

* XNT~ AeroStomperMX Boots w/Spanners (Wrenches) Boxed Set/M+C by Nix Sands
– XNT~ AeroStompers, Black – Foot Hider
– XNT~ AeroStompers, Black – Foot Hider 1
– XNT~ AeroStompers, Shoe Base/M+C
– XNT~ AeroStompersMX (Small) Left Leg 4.2/M+C
– XNT~ AeroStompersMX (Small) Right Leg 4.2/M+C

* XNT~ Poisson Waistcoat, Coal /M+C by Nix Sands
* Steampunk Helmet by Rowan Shamroy
* Face Light




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