Piranda-TransparentAn explorer who’s sailed the 7 Seas in search of booty and adventure, Piranda is a pirate that can literally talk your ear off with his sea stories. Be careful not to buy him too many drinks as he can become an ugly panda with a bit too much of the rum in him. Having set off on his own at a young age to escape an abusive home, he tends to act all tough and harsh on the outside, but is really just a teddy bear inside. The sea is his mistress as he feels her call to ride the waves and feel the sea breeze and ocean spray upon his face.  When in port, Piranda often works at a collectibles shop at the Waterside to earn some coin. 


Piranda is mainly based on the “Animal Avatar Panda” and “Male Pirate Avatar” which are both part of the Library that everyone is provided in SL as part of your inventory. The pirate cap was resized to make it bigger to fit on the panda head and I added a johnny Depp style beard and dreadlocks to make him a bit more edgy. Here is a list of the things he is wearing:

Animal Avatar Panda
* animal hand left
* Blank Eyes
* animal hand right
* LL Animal Avatar: Panda Shape
* LL Animal Avatar: Panda Skin
* Panda Tail
* LL Animal Avatar: Panda Shoes
* Panda_Head

Male Pirate Avatar
* Male Pirate Hat
* Male Pirate Sleeve
* Male Pirate Alpha ( wear with boots! )
* Male Pirate Belt
* Male Pirate Boot Left
* Male Pirate Boot Right
* Male Pirate Sleeve
* Male Pirate Sleeve (prim)
* Male Pirate Top

* Bald Hair Base
* Jabberwock Free Cutlass.Hip(R) by Kent Lyle
* Djinn Beard (black) from DJINN Braided Goatee(fat Pack) by Tamiron Landar* Dreadlocks by Ohara Magic (but edited a good bit to make the front hair be transparent to avoid poking through head)
* Face light




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