Monkeno-TransparentThis very shy girl who’s never left home and works as the librarian for Steam Center. Over the ages, the use of books has dwindled. So she finds herself alone with her books with few, if any, visitors to the library on most days. It has become more like a museum than a hall of knowledge to most folk. But she prefers the company of a good book to that of people most days. She loves to explore in her mind and is quite the dreamer. Having read so many things, her mind weaves together stories of her own. And she’s also been known to dabble in practicing a bit of magic in the library.


Monkeno is mainly based on the “Animal Avatar Monkey” which is part of the Library that everyone is provided in SL as part of your inventory. The shape has been modified to give her breasts as a human female would have, and her head was made smaller to carry a more feminine frame.

* Please use the free shape called Female Goth Shape. Found in your Linden Lab Library.
* She is wearing explorer corsets with and without straps by Orquidea
* She is also wearing a lovely pocket watch by Orquidea (really works too)
* I could not resist also putting the Orquidea Cap on her lovely head of hair.
* Her hair is blond with brown streaks and came in a pack of free hair from a mall. There is no creators name so I’m sorry that I can’t give credit* Bax Leather Belt
* Brown Leather Studded Boots
* Business suit glasses she reads by are done by Monha Lisa Couture. They came with The Sexy Business Suit that she designed.
* She is studying as usual and the book is a leather bound book that comes with animations by Korin Ingersoll
* The bracelets that peak her artistic nature with black arts were made by Utopia and originally came with the ensemble called Eve Temptation
* The beaded Belly chain accentuates the small waist. The maker Toffah Arabia
* She is wearing 3 face lights for effects




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