Copperpunk-TransparentHe is an underground type of character, who is extremely introverted and prefers the dark caves over the sunlight of the earthers.  No one is really sure where he came from or what he does, but there are many stories about him being down in the caves and pipes below the city.  Don’t let his stark form fool you though.  Copperpunk has a very good spirit in him despite his rough exterior.  He is the nemesis of Mr. Hamilton (Wabbit) who he blames for the death of the cog.  He has vowed to bring back the beauty of analog clockwork…and avenge the murder of such wondrous keepers of time.  So Mr. Hamilton…you better watch your back!!!



Here’s the list of items on Copperpunk — all of it is from the “Cuprum Copperbot Male – Full Steampunk Avatar” by Grim Bros. (wih some placement modifications) except for the facelight:

* Alpha tribe facelight-green
* Male boots low
* Copperbot eyes-copper colored
* Male arm attach
* Male arm attach 1
* Male belly
* Male boots top left
* Male boots top right
* Male boots top gorilla ed right
* Male boots top gorilla ed left
* Male chest
* Male crotch cover
* Male face attachment
* Male hand attach1
* Male hand attach1 1
* Male headgear
* Male leg attach
* Copperbot male lo arm left attach
* Copperbot male shape (new)
* Copperbot male skin v4 (slight upper body variation)
* Copperbot male spine attach
* Grim bros.copperbot male boots lo gorilla ed r


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