We are designing a bunch of characters for the Steampunkables to go along with the Tinker. Working on Steampunk accessories and futurizing them as we also further develop the bone structure/backstory for each of them as characters you interact with in immersive storytelling.  Characters are from left to right (click text links to see their individaul character pages): StomperPirandaTriggerVicki, Wabbit, and Monkeno in addition to the main character of The Tinker and the newly added Copperpunk.  One of the techniques used for developing the characters came from a fellow student at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, who suggested this video on Myers Briggs and Character Creation for a handy method for broadly defining one’s characters:



According to Libby Bulloff in “The Steampunk Bible,” there are two basic fac­tions: seri­ous cos­play­ers, con-goers, reen­ac­tors; and Steam­punk casual – a more palat­able, daily-wear look that pulls from a plethora of vin­tage influ­ences. The for­mer group is obsessed with detail and often chooses to por­tray var­i­ous Steam­punk icons (such as air­ship cap­tains, tin­ker­ers, pirates, etc.), but only at specif­ically Steampunk-friendly events. The lat­ter group seems more relaxed and less obsessed with period-correctness or characterization.  In the book, they mentioned four styles of Steam­punk Fash­ion:

Street Urchin(1) The Street Urchin

These folks dress in the most “punk” styles of Steampunk. We’re talking tatters, filth, safety pins, old leather, bashed-in derbies and the like…” This is a very functional look and allows you to wear your old and dirtied victorian clothes. If you are looking to dress as the street urchin your best bet to find clothes will be at the thrift and antique stores. You can do whatever you wish to make your clothes look at dirty as possible, perhaps tea stain striped tights or pin and tie your clothing together to look as rugged as possible.

Tinker(2) Tinker

Our next fashion statement differs from The Street Urchin greatly, “These are the risk takers, the do-ers, the makers or things, who prefer for well-designed garments with places for tools…” An outfit that The Tinker wears needs to include googles or protective eye coverings of some sort, and his/her clothing should be functional and impervious to stains, spills and grease. Grab an old lab coat or rubber apron and don’t forget to have wild mad-scientist hair! “Give yourself a proper fauxhawk with tinted tips and tuck a wax pencil behind one ear.” With Libby Bulloff’s tips you’ll be part of steampunk fashion in no time.

Aesthete(3) The Aesthete

This type of fashion is directly descendant from the Victorian era and usually is comprised of Victorian and Edwardian suits and play greatly into the male dandy (even for females). This is the time to wear a cravat, vest, tuxedo, and carry a cain. “The dandy knows how to accessorize; details make the look. Dainty pince-nez or monocles are a must, as well as corsets handkerchiefs, cigarette cases, gloves, etc.”

Explorer(4) The Explorer

A person who, “Investigates unknowns regions” is stated to be The Explorer. This look is different from the previous ones because The Explorer needs to have tailored clothes and is based off of a more militaristic look, which is lightyears different from ripping up old clothes to be The Street Urchin. “Explorers look fine in earth tones, but let a little color peak out here and there. Silk, linen, tall boots, pith helmets, flying googles-the list of explorer gear is endless.” This look is a bit more polished and distinct hair stylings, such as well-slicked hair or sleek up-dos and ponytails. Also for men, if you can grow muttonchops or a fancy goatee the look of The Explorer is for you.

For a Threadbanger video on How to make a real life Steampunk Outfit

Eight Ways to Raise Your Steampunk Fashion Game

Each of the characters will be steampunkafied and futurized (except for the Tinker, who came from the past).  Here are some areas to focus on when accessorizing:

  • Headgear
  • Googles
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Tools/Weapons
  • Pocket Watches
  • Socks/Stockings
  • Boots/Shoes
  • Spats

For more information, see the Raw Interview with Libby Bulloff:

I ran across this one for Steampunk Disney Princesses and couldn’t resist posting here.  This is from



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