Here are the things being given out on the LEA23 Steampunkables sim:

Treasure Chest #1 [secret room inside the Twines]

  • Steampunk Computer (8 prims)
  • HoboNet Computer (Wear & Type)
  • Mad Scientist Lab Tesla Transformer (11 prims)
  • Mad Scientist Lab brains specimen case (4 prims)
  • Captain Nemo’s Pipe Organ (7 prims) v2.0
  • Pirate Furniture Tea Table n 4 chairs (2 prim)
  • Pirate Furniture Fireplace (5 prims)
  • Victorian Cast Iron Stove (4 prims)
  • Steampunk Tesla Transformer-A

Treasure Chest #2 [Inside of Squatter House ThreeCogs]

  • Gears of Pie Steampunk Pizza
  • Steampunk Building Mesh
  • Urban steampunk building
  • PREFABRICA – Gears: Package of 15 sculpted gears with sculptmaps and shadow map.
  • Grunge Stool / Table
  • Grungey Rug

Treasure Chest #3 [with Copperpunk in the Underworld sewers]

  • Howl’s Moving Castle 30 prims
  • Howl’s Moving Castle Blueprints
  • Howl’s Moving Castle FULL Scale
  • Steampunk Knight
  • Steampunk Rook
  • Steampunk Pawn
  • Give gears a chance graffiti
  • End COG profiling graffiti
  • Coexist graffiti

Treasure Chest #4 [inside the Flux Vortex]

  • Victorian Magic Lantern Show  v2.0(11 prims)
  • Kraken’s Lair Loveseat
  • Kraken”s Lair Cocktail Table
  • Kraken’s Lair Chair
  • Kraken’s Lair Chaise
  • Mad Scientist Lab tool workbench (4 prims)
  • Whirlepool 34 prims

Treasure Chest #5 [inside of Cap’n Nemo’s Underwater Observatory]

  • Nemo’s world Rezzer (340 prims)
  • Napoleon Blownapart shop 27prims (pirate Town)
  • Nautilus mini sub v3.7
  • USS Ardo Ironclad SPD (25 HP click turret for auto cannon)
  • The Golden Hind Pirate Ship V3.2
  • SPD Cannon (destructable) 2 prims
  • Pirate Ship Furnature Seahorse figurehead (3 prims)
  • Pirate Ship Furnature Mermaid figurehead (11 prims)

Treasure Chest #6 [in undersea area past the Kraken]

  • KRAKEN [Combat 25 HP]
  • Baby Kraken (In Tank)
  • Abyss, Angler Fish NPV (5 prims)
  • Manta Ray *4 prims* (aquatic sim stuff)
  • Sunken shrimping Boat (7 prims)
  • Pirate Sea Mine (4 prims)
  • Drunken Pirate
  • Abyss, Whale skeleton (15 Prims)
  • Sunken stone walkway (1 prim)

Treasure Chest #7 [in Steam Haven]

  • Space Pirate Ship!(Pirate Bay Ver)
  • Steampunk Space Pirate Ship!
  • Space Pirate Ship!(ARrrrrrrr!)
  • Galaco Service station (Galactic Trade Union)
  • Pirate Shark Ship (Galactic Trade Union)
  • Buck Roger’s SpaceShip V4.0
  • Honest Zorgs Used Spaheships (Galactic Trade Union)
  • Asteroid 01
  • Asteroid 04
  • 100×100 wormhole
  • Space Sim Cube 256x256x256

Total of 59 items given out in prizes:

  • Tinker’s Chest #1 [9]
  • Tinker’s Chest #2 [6]
  • Tinker’s Chest #3 [9]
  • Tinker’s Chest #4 [7]
  • Tinker’s Chest #5 [8]
  • Tinker’s Chest #6 [9]
  • Tinker’s Chest #7 [11]



The story of the Steampunkables plays out as you  explore the sim with immersive story elements to reveal elements of the Tinker’s accidental time travel.  Cogs and characters talk to you as you approach them:

(1) Tinker [outside Tinker’s Shoppe]
Smoke, smoke…with a blinding explosion followed by unusual dreams of gears raining down on the world…
The Tinker awakens in a strange new world in the year 2525.
Chat with Cogs and Characters to learn what happened to the lands of Steam Center and find 7 sets of prizes…

COG I (over the Tinker’s Bridge)
Something is wrong…terribly wrong it seems!
Why have cogs rained down from the heavens and what could have happened to bring this all about?

COG II (over the path journeying up to Steam Center)
Wandering up the stone path, the Tinker sees other creatures similar to his friends from a time long ago…
Wondering what has happened and searching for the one he loved from afar…

COG III (where paved path meets Steam Center)
This looks like Steam Center, but so much has changed.
“Where am I?  When am I?” wonders the Tinker and “Is there a way back home?”
Maybe someone in the Twines can help me to unravel the story within…

(2) Wabbit [inside Twines Hostel]
Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated…
Along with tales of my killing all the cogs…
How dare they call me Mr. Hamilton…
And whisper of my having a hidden room…

Treasure Chest #1 [secret room inside the Twines]
Click on chest to claim prizes and then click chest again to TP to:

(3) Trigger [in front of Candy Shopp]
Don’t judge a gal by her clothing…
Or a book by its cover…
For one of the Squatter Houses…
Is not fully like the others…

Mousy (clue giver inside Squatter House TwoFer)
When your life is all the way down…
There is but one direction to look…
HINT HINT (Look up silly)…
To find what is different in the houses

Treasure Chest #2 [Inside of Squatter House ThreeCogs]
Click on chest to claim prizes and then click chest again to TP to:

COG IV (near the Chess Higher Hat)
The gears go round n round…
Oiled to not make a sound…
Fun should be your next aim…
Find Stomper to continue your game…

(4) Stomper [on Chess Higher Hat]:
Not all is as bleak as it may appear….
For with your help, we may yet save the GEAR…
Below the city, the journey takes you next…
Into the sewers find Copperpunk to remove this hex…

Treasure Chest #3 [with Copperpunk in the Underworld sewers]
Click on chest to claim prizes and then click chest again to TP to:

(5) Copperpunk [found through underworld]
Can cogs and technology coexist?
Change comes if we persist…
Free cogs from extermination…
Go see Vicki for illumination…

COG V (over the cave for the Mole Subterranean Drill Vehicle)
For more on the Tinker & the Steampunkables, see:

(6) Vicki [inside Academy of Illumination]
Only so much is taught within books…
Experience the tale within immersive looks…
Reveal the cog’s hidden portents…
As you search for treasure within the Flux Vortex…

Treasure Chest #4 [inside the Flux Vortex]
Click on chest to claim prizes and then click chest again to TP to:

COG VI (on left of path as you approach Waterside)
Careful with who you trust…
Talk just to ones you must…
Seek Piranda as you devise…
in the place of Nobel’s first prize…

(7) Piranda [in Napoleon Blownapart at Waterside]
Ignore the green chemicals which keep our ships afloat…
And the messages which Mother Nature wrote…
Seek out Nemo’s underwater observatory…
To find more things to fill your inventory…

Treasure Chest #5 [inside of Cap’n Nemo’s Underwater Observatory]
Click on chest to claim prizes and then click chest again to TP to:

(8) Monkeno [inside of the Steambrary]
Here multiple paths can be found…
One takes you UP and another takes you DOWN…
Search for underwater treasures…
Or Steam Haven adventures…

UNDERSEA ENTRANCE (click to sit on pose stand in Steambrary’s hidden back room)

Mother Nature (after falling into the Undersea World)
First they pollute…
And then they loot…
While seeking to earn…
You may yet learn…

Sunken Drunken Sailor (in the Undersea World)
Ye Scallywags come t’ loot me treasure…
Wit’ spillin’ sludge ‘n filth fer yer pleasure…
Th’ Kraken ahead knows wha’ mankind has done…
‘n may seek revenge on everyone…

COG VII (between the Kraken and the Tinker’s Shoppe)
Read more about the story and characters at:

COG VIII (undersea between the whale skeleton and the Kraken)
Beware the Kraken in the ocean’s deep…
Pirate Sea Mines ahead do creep…
Be careful not to make a sound…
For up ahead booty may be found…

Treasure Chest #6 [in undersea area past the Kraken]
Click on chest to claim prizes and then click chest again to TP to:

STEAM HAVEN ENTRANCE (click on UP arrow at top of Steambrary ladder)

COG IX (at Steam Haven):
Three steam pirate ships whence t’ chose
Find th’ light o’ th’ Borealis
Th’ cog will illuminate yer path
T’ find yer final treasures

COG X (Cog you reach through flying a dirigible):
Well done exploring the lands of Tinker & the Steampunkables.
Next look for a place to fuel up and claim your final treasures.

Treasure Chest #7 [in Steam Haven]
Click on chest to claim prizes and finish your quest
The final prize is located inside of the Galaco fuel station @ the store register
* 3 Dirigible Pirates ships
* Galaco
* Hones Zorg’s Used Spaceships
* Space Sim Cube 256x256x256

NOTE: While not formal characters of the story, here are two additional characters on the sim that are scripted:

(9) Katmelia [located inside the dirigible near Tinker’s Shoppe and gives out a pair of the Tinker’s Goggles]
Welcome to Steam Center, lands of the Steampunkables and the story of the Tinker.  Click on me to learn more and receive a special GIFT from the Tinker!

(10) Skeleybones [inside the volcano in the Sands of Time sandbox]
Are these the stories of where we are?
Or possibly where we may go next?
That is for each of you to decide…
While there is still time to change the future!